Visiting and old friend

I used to love this blog. I still do. I guess that’s why I’ve paid for the domain for years and years, even though I stopped using it a long time ago. I’d worked for hours on end over that layout, the beautiful fall colours and the sunflower background. Agonized over the html that I taught myself how to use and manipulated the code to repopulate the site dynamics the way I wanted them. Maybe that’s why, when it was corrupted and I lost everything, I just never got back into the groove again.
When I first started blogging, I had younger kids and I tried to jump on the mommy blogger bandwagon. I had a bunch of followers, and followed a bunch of bloggers, but as hard as I tried, I was not a Mommy blogger. And I wasnt good at faking it just for the popularity it may or may not bring. I did get some free promo swag out of it though, and that was pretty cool. And, of course, I made some good virtual friends and that’s always a plus.
I’ve tried to get this blog up and running again, here and there. I just havent been able to find a layout that I like and have the patience to work with. I’m hoping this one will cover it. I’m not looking for a following. I’m not looking for internet notoriety. I don’t even expect anyone to read this, really. I just like the idea of getting some thoughts out of my head and throwing them out into the universe.
I also like to look back at archives and see how deep and meaningful my life was in the past. Read: How totally full of shit I am on a regular basis.

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