It was my birthday Friday. It sucked.

Finding a clean, simple wordpress layout theme for me is like….insert something really freaking hard here.
They advertise super easy, clean, no muss no fuss layouts. They don’t deliver. I’ve done the photo sliders and the complicated this and that’s, and even once had a blog site where I taught myself how to read, understand and manipulate html to get the perfect complicated effects that I wanted….now I just want a simple one column layout where I can change a few colours, have a widget bar on the side for a few incidentals, and write. Oh, and I’d like some pretty font. That’s all.
I thought I’d fallen for this one….until I realized that the widget bar is on the bottom of the page. Not really feeling that. It also looks like shit on my cell phone. It’s Libretto, btw. It likely won’t be after about twenty minutes from now. I’ve tried out 15 layouts today.
And I’m sick. I have an upper respiratory infection and this is day 4. I’m also writing on my new laptop, which I was super stoked about until it came in and I started using it. Within the first hour of plugging it in, I got over 12 error messages that some crap had discovered a problem and it needed to restart to fix the issue. 12 times. It finally stopped….Lord knows why or how but it ust have worked itself out. Did you notice the typo in the last sentence? There’s no “m” in must. You know why? Because the damned m key sticks and I’ super tired of having to go back and ra <--- that's supposed to say ram that sucker in so the words make sense. Oh, look...the "I'm" back there doesn't have an m either. It's not a good webby day. It's not a good patience day. It's not a good respiratory day. It's not a good me day. It started last week....a few months ago and hasn't stopped.

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